Pomsky, the Brand New Dog Pet from Pomskies Breeders

What Are Pomskies?

Pomskies are the newest dog breeds in the market but they are yet to be accepted by pet lovers. Pomskies breeders are currently hard at work trying to produce a purebred by crossing a Husky dog breed and a Pomeranian. These two purebreds are complete opposites when it comes to site and certain other physical and behavioral characteristics. This makes crossbreeding them a challenge to the breeders.

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Why Are Pomskies Bred?

Currently, a purebred of Pomsky has not been achieved as yet but the breeders are optimistic that in the near future they will get the perfect purebred for Pomsky lovers. The Husky has some nice characteristics that people love and so does the Pomeranian. Pomskies breeders intend to capture the coloring features, most importantly the blue eyes and the color of the fur from the Husky.

From the Pomeranian, the breeders need the smaller size and fuller coat usually seen on the neck of this dog breed. The result is smaller, nicely coated puppy with fuller fur, which is fabulously colored, and piercing blue eyes. The behavioral characteristics and also that of a mixed breed making them less aggressive and friendlier to everyone.

How Is It Done?

Crossing two different dog breeds is difficult. It becomes even more daunting if the two breeds are as different as Husky and Pomeranian. One of the main differences is height and this is what presents the biggest challenge. Having them to mate naturally is almost impossible and therefore Pomskies breeders use some special techniques.

A crossbreed would be expected to share 50/50 the physical and behavioral attributes of the two purebreds used. However, for Pomskies these are not equally shared. The crossing is done in a way that ensures there is a blend between the temperaments of the two breeds besides the physical attributes and characteristics. The breeders use some complex crossbreeding techniques to achieve these results. The end is to achieve a Pomsky purebred.

Where to Find the Pomskies

As already been mentioned, Pomsky is a relatively new breed and so very few breeders have the resources and the technical knowhow about the process of producing them. This means that only a few Pomsky breeders exist and quite hard to find. However, with the internet penetrating all facets of life, finding one such breeder is not impossible.

Furthermore, if you know someone who has a Pomsky, you can visit him or her as find out where he/she bought his or her pet from and go shopping there or see this page about where to find it. You will be on your way to owning your adorable pet.