Chances Make Money via Internet with Niche Site and Authority site.

Many people known about to make money via internet with website. There are many sites by webmaster made for earning. Of curses, both authority site, niche site and spam site (had been described about spam site in previous article). But doesn’t support spam sites, because it’s not have been benefit information for visitor.

So, in this article discusses niche site and authority site.

What is a niche site?

Niche site is a website with niche information on keywords. At present; it’s popular for webmaster, because it’s site with fast earning and has quality. Fast earning because search engine are needed the niche information for users. It came from some authority site have too wide the information. Make visitor harder to search the information his/her needs. So niche site is a good choice for these visitors need to deep information and faster.

Webmaster with Niche Site

Benefit for webmaster to made niche site is search engine like these niche sites. If niche site have quality contents, it’s difficult to penalize by search engine. And webmaster can doing website for good ranking easier and faster. And site have a good ranking (first page of SERP) faster, it’s earning fast same.

Niche site have quality contents -> Stay on first page of SERP easier -> Have visitors -> Webmaster earn money

But it has disadvantages is difficult to website expansion. Niche site have deeps the content and quite limited. Site extension need to be making a new website or new authority site.

What is an Authority Site?

Authority site is a big website and have many contents. And authority site successful shall have many visitors. By keywords of authority site that have many keywords. How to making authority site must be a good planning and good strategies. Because high competition with main keywords. Highly competitive coupled with high investment to success. Of course, it takes a long time to success with authority site.

Teamwork can helps to success with Authority Site

Authority site need to be teamwork, because authority site can do a lot of information. Can writing much content and many categories in authority site. So, how to authority site need to be teamwork or investing by hiring the writer.

When authority site successful, it will earning massive amounts. Those who would like making to the authority site should have patience and diligence.

Finally, both niche site and authority site can earn money with many chances. Not just Amazon, Google Adsense or Clickbank.

Learn more about niche site and authority site resources.


Good information about spam site, search engine and authority site

This first article in Malachi Morrish Blog is a short story.

At present, when we would like to known about some information. We can do it via internet by search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, that we can know about information we want. But that the great information come from the good researched. Because some information written by spammer; it’s that information not have any benefits, it’s just information to earning of spammer. For example, some link when you click that link from search engine to opened the page, appear that page show about duplicate content about some product, and might have a button might be name “Check price!” or “Buy now!”. When you clicking. It might be opened the full detail on Amazon page, EBay page or other real landing pages.

From the example, you do not have been any benefits from the first site from search engine. So, you go to the or the better. Most website of the spammer shall third party site for earning only. Not have been helpful the information from spam sites.

By Google attempting the algorithm for penalize these spam sites to out of Google SERP, for users have been the great information. And users same us can help oneself for great the information by do not click for help these spam sites.

If you are not sure what is about spam site? Can you visit the Google Fighting Spam to see these spam sites (example for you).

Spam are not earning, Search engine are not the spam.

Authority site come from good the webmaster. Making a site with quality contents, because it’s benefit for visitor. And can make money to webmaster.